AGORA IMAGE - 3D And 2D Art Outsourcing For Games And Films
3D And 2D Art Outsourcing For Games And Films



High-Res Assets

High-Res Models for Film, Cinematic, Animation and Commercials
- Clean Topology Modeling and Sculpting
- Texture Painting
- UV Mapping
- Shading
- Morph Targets

In-Game and VR Assets

- Low Poly, Mid Poly Models
- Sculpting, Retopology
- UV Mapping
- Texture Painting
- Realtime Shading
- Morph Targets / Blend Shapes With Wrinkle Maps


Rigging for Games, Films, TV and Cinematic Trailers
- Character Rigging
- Facial Rigging (With Blend Shapes)
- Creature Rigging
- Animals Rigging
- Vehicle Rigging

Digital Sculpting

High-Res detailed sculpture for various purposes, 3D Printing, Toys, Films, Games, etc

Character Design

Concept Art for Film, Games, animation and TV using both 2D and 3D techniques
- Sketches/Thumbnails
- Rough 3D Sculpture
- Polished Concepts
- Orthographic Views